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How to use Chips’ Bet Calculator

Our Bet Calculator lets you see what your bet could be worth if you win. Here’s how to use it...

Our Bet Calculator lets you see what your bet could be worth if you win. Here’s how to use it...

On the left you will find the latest events, only the best odds available are displayed.

Click on an event to see more odds, different odds may suit your bet.

Odds are shown as fractions, hover your cursor over them to see the odds as decimals.

Once you have got your odds use our Bet Calculator to see what you could win.

Select the type of bet you want from the drop-down menu.

The odds are shown as fractions, click to change to decimals.

Type in the odds for your event – e.g. If it is 10/3 for England to beat Spain at home, simply type 10 into one box and 3 into the other. Simple.

Type in the amount you want to wager as your stake.

Then calculate what you could win! Good luck! Bet Calculator

Can't work out the return on your bet? Then you need our Bet Calculator. Not only is the Bet Calculator completely free, it is also very simple to use. No matter what kind of bet you are looking at placing, we can help you figure out the return you could potentially get. From a straight-up single bet to a more complex trixie or an accumulator, once you've used it you will wonder how you ever bet without a bet calculator by your side.

It doesn't matter what sport you are betting on, the Bet Calculator is universal and will tell you what you could win, if everything goes your way. This is a top sports betting aid that can help you to understand the odds and what they could mean to your pocket. It will help you to bet with confidence, knowing if it is worth you taking a gamble so that you make the right kind of bet, with the right bookmaker. Just head to the homepage and you will find the Bet Calculator waiting for you.

How to use the Bet Calculator

Our sports free Bet Calculator is easy to use, so there is no excuse for not checking out your bet before playing it. Here's what you need to do...

  1. 1. Select the type of bet from the range available in the drop-down menu.
  2. 2. The odds can be displayed either as a fraction or decimal.
  3. 3. Enter the odds you've been quoted- some types of bet require multiple odds.
  4. 4. Enter the stake you are prepared to bet.
  5. 5. Click 'Calculate Bet' to find out what you will win.
  6. 6. The outcome shows your stake, return and the potential profit or loss.
  7. 7. Hit 'Clear Bet' to clear the forms and look at another bet.

Why use a Betting Calculator?

Why should you use our Bet Calculator? Before putting your money on the line it is worth being 100% sure that you place the right bet with the right bookmaker. With so many ways to bet and such a wide variety of odds available, most people need a helping hand when it comes to figuring out what their bet could be worth. This means you can maximise your bet to make sure that should the outcome go your way then you get the biggest possible payout. Just imagine your friend makes exactly the same bet as you do but wins double because they made it with the right bookie while you went with the wrong one; with you can find the best odds and figure out exactly what you stand to win with our Bet Calculator.

When combined with our online bookmaker comparison lists, the Betting Calculator is a vital tool for ensuring you are betting wisely. You can find the best odds available and then see how much you stand to win if the outcome goes your way. With you can also find any free bets and bonuses that are available; put that together with the Bet Calculator and our odds comparisons, then you'll have everything you need to get the most from your online sports betting experience.

The essential free Bet Calculator

Our Betting Calculator is an essential part of your sports betting experience. We can show you the potential payout for almost any kind of bet; Single, Double Accumulator, Trixie, Patent, Yankee and Lucky 15. When combined with our free bet comparison lists, this Betting Calculator is the best way to get to grips with your sports bet, whether you are a novice or a regular.

We believe that is the hub for all your sports betting, online poker, casino gaming and bingo needs. The Bet Calculator makes ever more of an essential place to visit before placing your bet. With us you will know who to bet with, how much the bet could be worth and you will also know if there are any free plays available. With all this at your disposal, is the only online betting website that you need to bookmark and keep checking in with. Football betting William Hill
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