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Chips Tips for Today, Thursday 27 Jun 2019

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UK betting tips, odds, offers and more

Whether you want to place a bet on your favourite sport, use our bet calculator to see what your bet is worth, find betting tips or play casino games for free; is the one-stop-shop for all your betting action. We try to guide you through every stage of making a bet, including betting tips for the biggest sporting events of the week. Although we can never guarantee who will win, what we can do is point out the most exciting and interesting odds of the week.

Our writers are looking at the latest odds on a daily basis for all the major sports including football, horse racing, Formula One, cricket, tennis, golf and rugby. When we spot a bet that we think is worth your attention then we will let you know in the 'Betting News' section. There may be no guarantee of a win for your favourite athletes, but we know a tasty prospect when we see one, so look out for our betting tips.

Use more than betting tips, get the best deals

Got yourself some free betting tips and you want to put them to good use? Whether you've got expert guidance or you are so immersed in your favourite sport that you usually know what is around the corner, you can put that knowledge to use here at It may be your favourite team or you could be siding with the opposition, make sure you check out all the free bets we have available to see if you could get even more value from your bet. By clicking on 'Bookmakers' at the top of the homepage you will be taken through to the latest offers from all the biggest bookies. You can compare the value of all the current free bet deals to make sure you get the best value from your stake.

Obviously, we also show you the best odds that are available so you can see exactly which bookmaker is your best bet. This lets you see exactly who the experts think will perform best, although to win it big you need to look outside the usual sporting favourites and find the right bet for you. If you are unsure of what these odds may mean if you win, then use our bet calculator. This can show you what the return would be on your stake should the bet go your way. It's simple and quick to use, so there are no excuses to not know what the outcome of your bet could be. To find the bet calculator just head to the homepage and from the centre of the screen you will find it slightly below and to the right.

Compare the odds, see UK betting tips is a superb way of creating your own free betting tips by soaking up the knowledge we share with you. We put you in the best position to work out who to bet on with our sports news, betting tips, superb odds comparison tables and free bet comparisons.

We give you all the latest odds from the biggest bookmakers so you can see exactly what the experts are thinking and formulate your own free betting tips. Our systems constantly update with the latest odds, but we still advise you head straight to the bookmaker's website to make sure you get the odds you want. Once you have made up your mind about the bet you want to make simply click the bookmaker's logo and then hit 'Bet now!' to get through to their site. Here you can put those betting tips to good use and enjoy a flutter. Good luck!

The latest sports news and UK betting tips

Our sports news helps you to keep track of the happenings in the world of sport. Whether it is football or Formula One, horse racing or tennis - we bring you daily reports on the biggest stories from all the major sporting events around the globe. This all helps the budding sports expert to come up with their own betting tips or at least just get an idea of the stories behind the odds.

Finding the latest sports news and betting tips couldn't be easier. Simply click on the 'Betting News' tab towards the top right of the page. Here you will find the latest sports news, views and betting tips, all divided into sections by sport. Find your sport and see what our writers think of the events coming up in the week ahead, including any odds that are worth you taking a look at. Football betting William Hill
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